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We at Banamallira Mahak literature & cultural organisation understand and respects the privacy of each individual as it is everyone’s fundamental rights. We have created our privacy policies while keeping this in mind for protecting your privacy or other personal information of all writers/readers/users of banamalli.org. Our privacy policies describes as to how the information provided by our writers/readers/users while submitting their articles in odia language on our website will be stored and used by Banamallira Mahak.[www.banamalli.org]

We gather your information only to identity you by providing you a reliable platform for the sharing and reading of literature and cultural activities on our website. Our writers/readers/users only need to provide us their basic information by filling the article submission form to share their articles with our webportal among the writers/readers/users. Our writers/readers/users are required to fill all the columns which are manadatory with star marked to share articles themselves and choose not fill rest of the columns. We also store information you write to us through email, whatsApp or any other way. Certain information attached with the cookies is also automatically gathered by us which is necessary for us to serve you better. Cookies are small files stored in the hard-drive of the computers, laptops and mobiles. Cookies are created on the writers/readers/users device through which writers/readers/users visit our website and retrives the browser settings to help you serve better. The information we collect is also used to store information like internet protocol addresses, browser type for our internal search to know about the demography of our writers/readers/users. As banamalli.org stores, shares and displays articles on its website therefore we also stores information written by our writers in the articles. If any writer/reader/user writes or shares any information on our website and later on realises that it should not have been shared then the writer/reader/user can write us at emagazine@banamalli.org

We promise that, banamalli.org does not use or disclose users information which may cause harm to our writers/readers/users. Our user’s information is used to provide reliable, safe and efficient service to our users. The information is also used to measure interest of our users in our website, to solve troubleshoot problems, to protect our users from any fraud or illegal activity. The information is also used to analysis and improve our literacy mission, to analyse our site usages and to improve our site contents. We also use the information for sending our users favourable messages. Information of our users are never shared with anyone except within Banamallira Mahak and that too only with those eTeam of our website with whom it is required to do. As we respect the privacy of our users therefore our users can choose not to receive any promotional message from us by following the instructions available on our site. However user’s information will be disclosed where necessary and we are bound to do so. As everyone is bound to follow law, therefore we will disclose the user’s personal information where it is warranted by law without any consent. Information written in the articles by the users will also be disclosed along with the name and address of the user whenever the article is uploaded on website. If any user leave a comment on the article displayed on our website then the name will be disclosed through their social login with the comment. Name of the Users will also be disclosed when any user wins any award from our website along with his/her article. If banamalli.org join with any other organisation to make our services better, financing will be required then the necessary information of the users will be disclosed.

If any individual visits our website then the same is subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policies. If any individual has any query related to privacy policies and conditions of usage the user can write us to emagazine@banamalli.org. In case of any dispute the laws of India will follow and will be subject to the jurisdiction at Khordha, Odisha, India.